Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What is 3G? Speed and History of 3G.............

3G or 3rd Generation Mobile Telecommunication: 3G or 3rd Generation Mobile Telecommunication means third generation of Wireless Technologies which includes features like fast mobile internet,video calls,mobile TV and supports GPS. 3G basically used for faster internet services. 3G Technology makes the mobile able to faster download and upload.By using 3G services we can watch high quality videos on websites like Youtube,Google Videos and send a file through email faster.

Speed and Qualities of 3G: Main qualities of 3G Technology are as following:
  1. Higher data speed means several times faster on mobile and connected PC to it.
  2. Download videos,music,games by enhanced audio and video sharing.
  3. Enjoy faster video streaming on Youtube,use application like Google earth,Maps and be in touch by using on social networking websites like Facebook,Orkut,Google Plus,Flickr and you can send a several MB file through email faster.
  4. Enjoy Mobile TV means IPTV (TV through internet)
History of 3G: 3G research and development program started in 1992.The first commercial launch of 3G was launched by NTT DOCOMO in Japan in October 2001 with limited in scope.SK Telecom in South Korea was the second network to launched 3G on the CDMA based 1xEV-DO Technology in January 2002.In May 2002, the other South Korean Network KT launched 3G Services.Operator Manx Telecom owned by British Telecom was the first European Network to launch in December 2001.The first 3G service in USA was provided by Monet Mobile Networks but could not work properly.In October 2003 Verizon Wireless was the second operator to provide 3G Services in USA.Emtel-ltd launched the first 3G service in Africa.In Pakistan PTCC launched its 3G service in 2008.China Telecom launched the 3G service in China.
3G in India: In India MTNL launched its 3G service on 11 December 2008.After MTNL , BSNL launched 3G on 22 Feburary 2009 in Chenni and later Nationwide.Tata DOCOMO was the first private network to provide 3G 
Services 5 November,2010 followed by Reliance Telecommunication on 13 December 2010.Vodafone and Airtel launched 3G Services on mid of March 2011 and 24 January 2011 respectively.

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